User Agreement

Welcome to Red Candle Games e-shop. This Agreement governs your access and use of products, content and services offered by Red Candle Games Co., Ltd. ("Red Candle", “we”, “us”, “the company”), such as game software and related updates, upgrades and features, and all online, e-shop, distributing websites, and live events hosted by or associated with Red Candle (collectively "Red Candle Services").


1. Red Candle Account

You need a Red Candle Account to access and use Red Candle Services, including to purchase the content provided by Red Candle. The email address, Google account or Facebook account you provided to the website will be used as your Account, and you have the liberty to set up a password to identify your individual login.  If needed, you could modify the password. For your account’s safety, do not set the same password that you have used in other platforms, and we remind you to constantly change your password.

You must be at least 13 years of age (or have limited legal capacity to act based on your country/region of residence) to create a Red Candle Account. If you have not yet reached the age of majority where you live, you and your parent or legal guardian must review this Agreement together. Parents and guardians are responsible for the acts of underage children when using Red Candle Services.

You agree to take care of your Red Candle Account and password and keep it confidential. This includes but is not limited to: do not leak the account information, do not provide your password to any third-person, do not share your account and password with others, log out of the Red Candle website in due course, conduct regular account safety maintenance, update your account information, etc. Except for cases where it is proved to be illegal use by a third party, you must take full responsibility for the use of logging in with the correct account and password you set, and you must not arbitrarily deny the transaction.

You declare and guarantee that the personal data you provide to Red Candle website is correct and complete. It is not allowed to use the personal data of others. Should you violate the aforesaid guarantee or any of the company’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Red Candle’s company announcement, the legal regulation, etc., we have the right to, without advance notice, suspend or terminate your Account, and we have the right not to provide Red Candle Services to you.

If your Account is misused or stolen by someone, you should inform us immediately to avoid further damage. Red Candle has the right to suspend related transactions and subsequent use of your account. Once the issue of your account is resolved, you could request to reset the password and reactivate your Account.

2. Use of Data and Data Revelation

When you use a Red Candle Service, Red Candle may collect and store data from your computer or device, including information about your computer or device, hardware, installed software, and operating system (such as IP address and device ID), information about how you use Red Candle Service, statistics on gameplay and usage, system interactions and peripheral hardware. If you play a Red Candle Service offline, this data will be stored on your device and transmitted to Red Candle when your device connects to the Internet. Red Candle uses this information to operate its business, improve its products and services, provide services to and communicate with you (including for marketing purposes), provide software updates, dynamically serve content and software support, enforce this Agreement, and trouble-shoot bugs or otherwise enhance your experience. If you participate in online services, Red Candle may also collect, use, store, transmit and publicly display statistical data regarding gameplay (including scores, rankings and achievements), or identify content that is created and shared by you with other players. Unless specifically stated, otherwise usages listed in the Privacy Policy also applies.

3. Copyright Notice

Red Candle’s softwares, technology, text, posts, configuration files, gadgets, messages, links, emails, music, sounds, graphics, pictures, videos, codes, all audio and visual effects, or the information appearing in and/or along with Red Candle Services, as well as the design and appearance of the website, are owned by the company or the legal right holder authorized the use to the company. Unless Red Candle explicitly grants the consent or permitted by law, you may not reproduce, modify, edit, distribute, transmit, rent, sell or use Red Candle’s properties in any way without authorization. 

Unless Red Candle explicitly grants the permission or is permitted by law, you may not conduct reverse engineering, de-compile, disassemble, extract or use other means to use the source codes and Red Candle Services related data. Red Candle and its licensors own and reserve all other rights, title and interest in the Red Candle Services and associated intellectual property rights.

No one may attempt to deliberately destroy or interfere with the data and functions of Red Candle e-shop in any way, nor is it allowed to hack or deliberately damage the Red Candle’s online system. Otherwise, we reserve the right to take any necessary actions and pursue any legal rights available to us.

4. Code of Conduct

To protect the rights and interests of all users, if you conduct any of the following actions, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your use of all or part of the Red Candle Services.

  • Violate any law, regulation, or Red Candle’s policy.

  • Provide incorrect or false information for account creation and login.

  • Unauthorized credit card transaction or financial fraud.

  • Interfere with or destroy any Red Candle Services, servers or Red Candle’s Internet providers. This includes any act of hacking or cracking Red Candle Services.

  • Use any malware or disruptive program to damage Red Candle Services, other people’s computers or property. This includes denial-of-service attack, message spam, hacking, computer virus, worm, trojan horse, botnet attack, spyware, corrupted file and time bomb.

  • Post any information beyond the purpose of personal communication. Prohibited messages include advertisements, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other types of commercial behaviour to attain customers. 

  • Use or steal other people’s accounts, impersonate another person or falsely imply that you are an employee or representative of Red Candle.

  • Harass the company’s Customer Support with improper words or deeds.

  • Use any payment method to access or purchase the Red Candle Services for fraudulent purposes, use without the permission of the authorized owner, or for any purpose related to criminal or illegal activities.

  • Participate in any activity that will severely disrupt the harmony of Red Candle Services and the fairness and courtesy of the playing environment. 

  • Promote, encourage or participate in any of the aforesaid forbidden activities.

5. Disclaimer of Red Candle E-Shop Services

The company will follow the security procedure and technology that meet the current standard and reasonable expectations to maintain the operation and functioning of Red Candle e-shop. Under the following circumstances, we have the right to suspend partial or entire e-shop service, and we are not obligated to notify you in advance. Red Candle will not be liable for any compensation for any direct or indirect damage caused thereby:

  • Relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair Red Candle Games e-shop’s hardware and software. 

  • Suspension or interruption of Red Candle Services caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.

  • Suspension or interruption of Red Candle Services due to the problem of telecommunication companies, internet service providers, or other reasons that are not liable to Red Candle.

  • Displacement of incorrect information, system shutdown, deletion of data and/or other malfunctions of the website due to illegal infiltration, security breach and hacking of any sort.

  • Suspension or termination of the service to an individual user in the event that the user violates the User Agreement or the law.

  • Other situations where the company deems it is necessary to suspend or terminate the service.

For the foreseeable hardware and software maintenance plan that may cause the online store to suspend or terminate its service, Red Candle will make our best effort to properly announce the maintenance plan prior to occurrence.

6. Notice of Game Software

To play Red Candle’s game softwares, we might ask you to obtain the file via a downloadable link. Therefore after you have successfully completed the purchase and payment, you will need your Red Candle Account and Internet connection. The game purchased by a single account is only limited to individual use. It is strictly forbidden to share the downloadable link or to massively distribute the software in any way.

7. Termination of the Agreement

This Agreement is effective until terminated by you or by Red Candle. Red Candle may terminate your access and use of any Red Candle Services or your Red Candle Account if Red Candle determines that you have violated this Agreement or that there has been otherwise unlawful, improper or fraudulent use of Red Candle Services on your Red Candle Account. If your Red Candle Account is terminated, you will not have access to your Red Candle Account or entitlements. Upon termination, your license under this Agreement also shall terminate.

If you terminate this agreement, you agree to cease all use of Red Candle Services.

8. Changes to the Agreement

Red Candle may modify this Agreement from time to time, so please review it frequently. For purchasers who accepted a version of this Agreement prior to modification, the revisions will become effective 30 days after posting at Red Candle e-shop. By continuing to use Red Candle Content, you indicate that you accept the changes, otherwise please notify us and stop using Red Candle Services immediately.

The Agreement is between you and Red Candle Games Co., Ltd., and applies to all customers of Red Candle e-shop and users of Red Candle service.