Q1 How to download the game

Once you complete the purchase, your purchased content will show up on the Library page. You can begin the download from there.

Q2 I cannot download the game

  1. Please turn off Ad Blocker from your web browser.

  2. Please update your web browser to the latest version.

  3. Try another web browser to download the game/content. Recommended browser: Google Chrome

  4. Try switching to a different IP address to download the game/content.

Q3 I receive an error message when decompressing the game

Please turn off the antivirus software before you decompress the game.


Q1 What are the payment methods

Currently, the credit card is the only payment method.

Q2 Will the e-shop's server store my credit card information

Our website will not store your credit card information. The transaction is verified through the payment system Global Payment. The credit card information will not be sent to our server.

Q3  The payment failure

We are sorry for the payment issue. Depending on your situation, here we have listed the most common causes of the payment failure and possible actions you could conduct:

  • Error code 200
    "Soft Decline - The authorization request was approved by the issuing bank but flagged by CyberSource because it did not pass the Address Verification Service (AVS) check."
    Possible action: Please retry and make sure the billing address matches the one your bank has on file.

  • Error code 203
    "Decline - General decline by the issuing bank. No other information provided"
    Possible action: Please contact your issuing bank directly.

  • Error code 211
    "Decline - Invalid Card Verification Number (CVN)."
    Possible action: Please make sure your 3-digit CVN number is correct.

  • Error code 475
    "The cardholder is enrolled for payer authentication. Please authenticate the cardholder before continuing with the transaction." The Payer Authentication (3D Secure) did not go through.
    Possible action:
    (1) Please enable the pop-up screen. The checkout page will redirect you to 3D Secure screen.
    (2) Please make sure your mobile phone is by your side to receive SMS of the verification code for 3D Secure.
    (3) Some of the banks might not support 3D Secure. If that is the case for your issuing bank, please retry with another credit card that supports the 3D Secure.

  • Error code 476
    "Payer authentication could not be authenticated."
    Possible action: If you encounter this error, it might be possible that your credit card's issuing bank does not support the Payer Authentication (or as 3D Secure). Please retry the transaction with another credit card that supports the 3D Secure.

If none of the above mentioned error code suits your case, or that the problem persists, kindly email us with the information of (1) your registered email; and (2) the last 4 digits of your credit card number.

Q4 The payment failed but my money was charged

In the case of the payment failure, any of the amount deducted from your account is in the "pending" status, and it shall be fully returned to your account in no more than 7 business days.


Q1 How can I make a refund

Digital content provided by Red Candle e-shop, including game softwares and digital music, are all directly downloadable and DRM-free. As such, Red Candle does not offer refunds if the purchased content can operate normally. However, if the content is defected (unable to operate the software, cannot download the digital content, etc.), the purchaser is entitled to request the refund within 7 days of purchase by emailing us. Please note, a refund processing fee will be charged. For the refund of each order, the processing fee is 20 NTD. We will deduct the refund processing fee and return the rest of the amount to you.


Q1 I want to send the game as a gift to my friend

Thank you for your support. But for now, we do not have the gifting function on our site.

Q2 I do not find the answer to my question

Kindly reach out to us via [email protected]