Notice for Beta Test II

Important Notes

  • The close beta test build is still in development and may differ from the final release.

  • The beta redeem keys are exclusive to backers who participated in the Nine Sols crowdfunding campaign with tiers including beta test access.

  • The close beta test build is not permanently available. The build may get pulled from all platforms with prior notice.

  • The beta build may cause unexpected errors or contain game-crashing bugs. However, due to the nature of this build (for playtest purposes) the dev team can only provide supports that we deem necessary.

  • Considering the dialogues and texts in-game have not been finalized, the dev team did not adjust the translated texts in detail, please understand that many typos and other localization issues might occur.

  • The saved data from this test build cannot be transferred or applied to the final release.

  • The dev team may perform an emergency update without notice during the beta test.

  • It is prohibited to sell the Steam key of the Nine Sols beta test to others.

  • The dev team will collect the players’ data to analyze and improve the content.

  • Please be sure to completely uninstalled the beta build after the end of the test to avoid unexpected errors in the later build.

  • Use a controller for the best experience.

  • Players are free to stream and/or upload videos with the beta build content.

  • Feel free to discuss and share any suggestions and comments about the beta test build on the beta-test-only channel in Red Candle Games Official Discord Channel. Message us through discord’s #contact-us channel is also welcome.

  • The dev team does not guarantee that all feedback from the beta test will be applied in the final release. Thank you for your understanding.

What’s Included in the Beta Test Build

  • The beta test build includes two brand-new areas, several new enemies, mini-bosses, and boss fights.

  • We strongly suggest starting a new game from the Area “Primal Power Well”.

Upcoming Contents and Revisions

  • The Skill Tree and Map system are still in progress. To avoid ruining the gaming experience, we do not include both this time and will reveal more in later builds.