Red Candle Games - Terms of Sale

Welcome to Red Candle Games e-shop. These Terms of Sale (the "Agreement") govern your purchase of software products, digital content, including additional or enhanced functionality, content service, game OST and in-game content offered by Red Candle Games Co., Ltd. (“Red Candle”, “we”, “us”, “the company”), whether downloaded or hosted on servers or the cloud and regardless of platform (collectively "Red Candle Content"). This Agreement is between you and Red Candle.

1. Purchasing of Red Candle Content

You may only purchase Red Candle Content if you are a legal resident of a country or territory where access to and use of Red Candle Content is permitted. Red Candle reserves the right to refuse, limit or block any offer to purchase, obtain or otherwise access Red Candle Content for any reason.

If you have not reached the age of majority, you must review this Agreement with a legal representative or legal guardian before the purchase and can only continue upon receiving their consent. Also, both you and your legal representative must agree that the act of purchase on Red Candle e-shop is based on necessity.

Red Candle Content may also be purchased from authorized third parties. When you purchase Red Candle Content from a third party, your purchase is with that third party and not with Red Candle. You must complete that third party's purchase process and will be bound by that third party's terms and conditions. Please contact the third party with questions regarding your purchase.

You may need to create a Red Candle Account to purchase Red Candle Content. This Agreement, along with the Red Candle User Agreement and Red Candle Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference apply to purchased Red Candle Content. Any additional terms you accept before accessing or downloading software or within the software product also apply to the Red Candle Content.

The act of purchase in the Terms of Sale, unless otherwise specified, means that the buyer will receive Red Candle Content for personal use only, you cannot redistribute or provide any purchased content to a third party for resale and other commercial purposes. You are not allowed to copy, modify, relicensing, publicly perform, publicly display or otherwise transmit the Red Candle Content. Also, Red Candle and its licensors own and reserve all associated intellectual property rights, which will not get affected by the purchase.

2. Purchase Process

To pay for Red Candle Content, you'll be asked to select from a list of available payment methods. (An account can only purchase each of Red Candle e-shop’s listing items once. If you have successfully purchased the content, the relevant information will be displayed when you log in.)

By submitting an order to Red Candle and providing your payment method information, you acknowledge that:

  • You have confirmed the details of your purchase

  • You have read and accepted this Agreement, and any applicable additional terms

  • Your billing and payment method information are true and accurate, and

  • You are authorized to use such payment method

Your order is an offer to purchase Red Candle Content at the Purchase Price (as defined in Section 3 below) and terms shown. Most offers are accepted and processed by Red Candle within 24 hours, though in some cases Red Candle may take up to 72 hours to process your offer. If your offer is accepted by Red Candle, we will charge your payment method, and send you a purchase confirmation email. Our obligation to deliver your Red Candle Content begins as soon as your order is finalized, and shall be completed when you receive your Red Candle Content. Red Candle will not supply any Red Candle Content to you until your payment method provider has authorized the payment.

You agree to keep your payment method information current at all times. You may change or edit your billing account and payment method information any time on your Red Candle Account management page. Click here for more information on payment methods. 

You agree not to make use of any payment methods to purchase Red Candle Content for illegal purposes, without permission of the authorized owner, or otherwise in connection with a criminal offense or other unlawful activity. Your account may be suspended or terminated if such activity is detected by Red Candle on your Red Candle Account.

3. Pricing and Tax

When you purchase Red Candle Content from Red Candle e-shop, the price payable is the price indicated at the time of purchase, and you agree to pay all fees specified plus all applicable sales and/or use taxes, GST or VAT that Red Candle assesses on your purchase (the "Purchase Price"). Sales or use tax will be calculated upon your billing address. For purchasers in Taiwan, applicable sales tax GST or VAT will be added on to the price displayed. The tax rate is 5%, complying to the rules of the VAT Act in Taiwan.

Please note, your payment method provider may apply a currency conversion rate to the Purchase Price, and/or additional processing fees. Red Candle is not responsible for such charges and fees; please contact your payment method provider for further details. 

4. Transaction History

You are responsible for all purchases of Red Candle Content made by your Red Candle Account, except unauthorized activity which is not your fault. An online statement of your order history from Red Candle e-shop can be found at your account management page. It's your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your order history and to save a copy of your history for your records. If you have questions regarding your transaction history, please contact Customer Support at [email protected]  

5. Refunds

Digital content provided by Red Candle e-shop, including game softwares and digital music, are all directly downloadable and DRM-free. As such, Red Candle does not offer refunds if the purchased content can operate normally. However, if the content is defected (unable to operate the software, download the digital content, or play the media, etc.), the purchaser is entitled to request the refund within 7 days of purchase by emailing [email protected]

Please note, a refund processing fee will be charged. For the refund of each order, the processing fee is 20 NTD. We will deduct the refund processing fee and return the rest of the amount to you. 

6. Electronic Contracting

You acknowledge and agree that by clicking the "Pay Now" (or similar) button when you place your order, you are placing a legally binding offer, and consent to: (i) the use of electronic communications in order to enter into contracts and place orders with Red Candle; and (ii) the electronic delivery of notices, policies and records of transactions initiated or completed by you online. You have the right to withdraw this consent by contacting us but if you do, we may cancel your access to Red Candle Content and/or your Account. If you do not consent to receive notices electronically, you must stop using Red Candle Content, your Account, and Red Candle e-shop.

By placing orders with us online, you agree that you will have access to the necessary software and hardware, including access to a valid email account, to receive electronic records related to your transactions sent by Red Candle to the email address that you provided. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your email address, as we will rely on and use any email address you provide until you notify us of such change.

7. Changes to the Agreement

Red Candle may modify this Agreement from time to time, so please review it frequently. For purchasers who accepted a version of this Agreement prior to modification, the revisions will become effective 30 days after posting at Red Candle e-shop. By continuing to use Red Candle Content, you indicate that you accept the changes, otherwise please notify us and stop using the provided Red Candle Content immediately.

The Agreement is between you and Red Candle Games Co., Ltd., and applies to all customers of Red Candle e-shop and users of Red Candle Service.