Notice for Beta Test I

Important Notes

  • The close beta test build is still in development and may differ from the final release.

  • The beta redeem keys are exclusive to backers who participated in the Nine Sols crowdfunding campaign with tiers including beta test access.

  • The close beta test build is not permanently available. The build may get pulled from all platforms with prior notice.

  • The beta build may cause unexpected errors or contain game-crashing bugs. However, due to the nature of this build (for playtest purposes) the dev team can only provide supports that we deem necessary.

  • Considering the dialogues and texts in-game have not been finalized, the dev team did not adjust the translated texts in detail, please understand that many typos and other localization issues might occur.

  • The saved data from this test build cannot be transferred or applied to the final release.

  • The dev team may perform an emergency update without notice during the beta test.

  • It is prohibited to sell the Steam key of the Nine Sols beta test to others.

  • The dev team will collect the players’ data to analyze and improve the content.

  • Please be sure to completely uninstalled the beta build after the end of the test to avoid unexpected errors in the next beta test.

  • Use a controller for the best experience.

  • Players are free to stream and/or upload videos with the beta build content.

  • Feel free to discuss and share any suggestions and comments about the beta test build on the beta-test-only channel in Red Candle Games Official Discord Channel. Message us through discord’s #contact-us channel is also welcome.

  • The dev team does not guarantee that all feedback from the beta test will be applied in the final release. Thank you for your understanding.

What’s Included in the Beta Test Build

  • The beta test build includes a brand new scene, several new enemies, and a mini-boss challenge.

Current Build Changes

  • To have a more balanced combat system, we’ve made some changes to the Foo Charm system. Players are now unable to attach talisman unto multiple enemy targets under one attack, and the stunned time gets greatly reduced. These passive abilities/effects will be added back to the system as part of Yi’s overall growth progression, in forms of upgrade options and found items in later stage of the game.

Introduction of New Gameplay Mechanics in the Beta Test Build

We’ve added five new gameplay mechanics in this build. However, considering the limited contents we can showcase and to avoid affecting pacing for the actual final release, there’s no in-game tutorials for how they actually work. Please checkout the following descriptions for your reference:

  1. Downward Kick (Tai-Chi Kick): If you spot an enemy emitting green particles upon executing an unparriable (Red Flash) attack, now is the time to use the Tai-Chi Kick ability to both interrupt the enemy’s move and deliver a critical hit.

  2. Charged Attack: By holding down the attack button and charging it for a period of time Yi will perform a strong forward thrust upon release. Not only it deals a great amount of damage to the opponents, with this ability, players can now break shields and other obstacles in the game. Noted the move gets canceled once player receives damage from enemies.

  3. Sneak Attack: Yi can now perform a sneak attack. Get behind enemies without being noticed will grant you the opportunity to deal critical damage (3x the normal amount). The effect can be applied to all types of Yi’s attacks.

  4. Death penalty: A new death penalty mechanic is introduced in this build. When the player character dies, all accumulated EXP and Jin are either A. left behind at that location or B. claimed by the enemy who killed you. Players will need to retrieve the resources by revisiting the scene of death. Noted if your character dies again, all resources will vanish for good.

  5. Null-Nymph: It’s important to observe your surroundings before stepping into a world full of dangers, that’s when Yi’s Null-Nymph comes in handy. Hold the summon button to call the Null-Nymph to initiate a recon session. Also there are hidden places in New Kunlun that only the Null-Nymph have access to, these exclusive areas often requires players to solve remote puzzles using Null-Nymph’s unique abilities.

Upcoming Contents and Revisions

  • We are still working on a new set of Skill Tree, which would be very different from the one in the current build, the revisions alongside our Jade (passive skill) system will be revealed in later builds.

  • The “Bow”, long-range weaponry, is yet to be revealed. We are still fine-tuning the animations and testing out different scenarios/applications using the bow. This tool will soon be included in upcoming builds.