Q1  The screen size is too small. Unable to adjust the resolutions in the main menu

Close the game. Restart the game while continuously pressing the CONTROL button. The resolutions selection will then pop out.

Q2  Black screen after launching the game

1. Press "Windows key + R", enter regedit
2. Enter path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > RedCandleGames > Devotion
3. Change the figure of "Screenmanager Resolution Height_h2627697771" to 1080 (demical)
4. Change the figure of "Screenmanager Resolution Width_h182942802" to 1920 (demical)
5. Change the figure of "Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode_h3981298716" to 0 (demical)
6. Restart the game

Q3  The game crashes in the middle of the game

There are many reasons causing this. The most likely reason is that certain scenes in the game contain a large amount of graphics resources. Thus, it causes the system to crash. Before re-entering these scenes, please lower the resolutions and graphic quality in the main menu first. Once you pass through the scene, you may be able to readjust to the original setting in the main menu.

Q4  The system cannot operate over 60 fps

According to the testings from high system quality computers, certain scenes may not be stable under the environment of 120 or 144 fps. To maintain playing experience, currently, the option for fps higher than 60 is not available.

Q5  If none of the abovementioned solutions work for you, please try our standard debug flow

1. Update the game to the latest version 
2. Set the resolutions to 1920*1080 or lower 
3. Update graphic card driver, make sure it runs during the gameplay 
4. Update Windows 
5. Repair DirectX 
6. Check if the anti-virus software blocks the game 
7. Restart your computer

Q6  Can I set Devotion to another language?

The official language patches includes English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. You could switch the language from the main menu setting.

There are also several unofficial language patches, including: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian. If you would like to play the game with any of these unofficial language patches, kindly follow the following steps:

1. Go to the folder Devotion.
2. Open the file config.
3. Change the text "LanguageBindingType":2 to "LanguageBindingType":0
4. Find the text "Language":"English" and change the language. e.g. For French, the text shall be like "Language":"French". For Portuguese, the text shall be like "Language":"Portuguese (Brazil)".
5. Save the file. That's it. You can now play the game with the unofficial language patch.

Note: Once you make such change, the setting of config will overwrite the language setting from the in-game main menu. If you want to change the language in the future, please change it directly from config using the abovementioned steps.

Q7  Others

If, unfortunately, we cannot solve your problem for now, please kindly provide the following information and send it to [email protected]. Our team will look into it. 
- How the crash happens (description, screenshot, etc. anything that helps us identify the problem) 
- Your specs 

We apologies for the inconvenience playing experience you encountered.