Q1  Unable to open the game / Crash during the gameplay

There are many possible reasons causing this, here is the standard debug flow.
1. Update graphic card driver, make sure it runs during the gameplay
2. Update Windows
3. Repair DirectX
4. Check if the anti-virus software blocks the game
5. Restart your computer

Q2  The game’s screen looks blurry on Mac

This is the bug that only appears on Mac’s latest version. We apologize for the inconvenience. The temporary debug procedure is to set the screen to window mode, it should run normally then. 

Q3  The game's screen does not fit my computer's screen

Please check if your computer fits the minimum system requirement. If it does, try to update your graphic card driver, or adjust the resolution to 1920*1080 or below.

Q4  Others

If, unfortunately, we cannot solve your problem for now, please kindly provide the following information and send it to [email protected]. Our team will look into it. 
- How the crash happens (description, screenshot, etc. anything that helps us identify the problem) 
- Your specs 

We apologies for the inconvenience playing experience you encountered.