Notice for Nine Sols Release Delay


We hope this message finds you well. To begin with, we sincerely appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions to the team after the release of Nine Sols closed beta 2. These helpful insights have greatly enhanced the game and sparked many great ideas for Nine Sols. Unfortunately, we have also discovered some shortcomings in our future planning. After more than two months of thorough evaluation, we have come to the conclusion that the remaining time is indeed not enough to achieve the gaming experience that our team envisions.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that the release of Nine Sols will be postponed.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for this unfortunate turn of events. As dedicated gamers ourselves, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with the release of a new title. We are truly grateful for your unwavering support and enthusiasm for Nine Sols. Rest assured, we are working tirelessly to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and gameplay.

The updated release schedule is expected to be around Q4 of 2023. Corresponding physical rewards, customized content for backers, and shipping schedules will also be delayed to avoid potential spoilers, including in-game settings and stories. In the meantime, we have also decided to add a third closed beta for backers who have access to the private beta builds, which includes a large amount of game content (close to 2/3 of the final product), so that our supporters can continue to keep up with Nine Sols while waiting.

Once again, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding. Your support means the world to us, and we are committed to delivering a game that you will be proud to play.

Red Candle Games