Devo Original SoundTracks

The original soundtrack for Devotion with 15 tracks (Digital Download)

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Devotion's OST contains 15 tracks of game music, including Devotion theme song produced by the award-winning Taiwanese rock band ‘No Party for Cao Dong’.

The album incorporated traditional Asian instruments and folk music to capture the ambiance of the 1980s Taiwan, with the foley from everyday material to layer the eerie tone that leads you to an unease journey inside the protagonist’s family.


  1. Devotion

  2. Come on! Have a Bite

  3. Wander into the Woods

  4. Have A Sweet Dream

  5. Shall We Dine in?

  6. Dripping Sanity

  7. Merry-Go-Round

  8. Birthday Grab

  9. Leap of Blind Faith

  10. Chime from Beyond

  11. Crushed by Reality

  12. A Way of No Return

  13. TV Commercials

  14. Lady of the Pier (Gong Li Fang)

  15. Lady of the Pier (Du Mei Shin)